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Brand Story

Brand Introduction: THE PALACE MUSEUM STATIONERY was jointly established by the People’s Daily and The Palace Museum. Founded in 2019, The Palace Museum stationery focuses on the cultural essence of The Palace Museum as its core, launching a full range of stationery products based on the cultural elements of The Palace Museum.

Brand Story: In 2019, the People’s Daily and the Palace Museum officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to engage in diversified cooperation around the concept of “Culture+” and jointly create the cultural and creative brand – The Palace Museum Stationery. The Palace Museum Stationery authorized the “National Humanities History” magazine to form a professional team, taking full charge of the design, development, production, sales, and after-sales service of Palace Museum stationery, creating a business ecosystem covering the entire industry chain. The collaboration between the People’s Daily and The Palace Museum is significant for the lateral connections and collaborative development of the cultural industry, marking another important attempt by the People’s Daily in the path of media integration and development.

Apart from its cultural connotation, The Palace Museum stationery is designed with both high practicality and creative ingenuity, fully expressing the culture and aesthetics represented by the Palace Museum. In terms of quality, Palace Museum stationery strives for safety, environmental friendliness, and exquisite craftsmanship, producing stationery to the strictest safety standards. The brand has released over a hundred products, covering students’ stationery, office stationery, business stationery, gift box stationery, and educational stationery. The range includes notebooks, pens, bags, study lamps, desktop organizers, stationery sets, and more, encompassing over a hundred varieties.