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When you initiate a purchase through PayPal, you’ll be guided to PayPal’s payment interface, where you can finalize your transaction by signing in with your PayPal credentials. If you prefer to make a purchase without a PayPal account, simply select “Pay with Debit/Credit Card” to be taken to a secure page, enabling you to input your card details and complete the payment securely through PayPal.

Payment Instructions How to Complete Your Purchase with PayPal:

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, review your items and click to proceed. This action will navigate you away from Mewcats.com and towards PayPal’s site.
  2. Sign into your PayPal account, or create a new one if necessary.
  3. Follow PayPal’s provided instructions to complete your payment. Alternatively, to use a credit card directly, choose the “Check Out” option and proceed through PayPal’s interface.

We accept all prominent credit and debit cards for direct payment.

The available credit card options are listed above. The credit card companies listed above are the most commonly used credit cards on this website. Do not worry if your credit card company is not listed, we encourage you to go ahead and make the purchase. Please note that Mewcats does not collect your credit/debit card number or personal information when you make a payment. For questions regarding your transactions on our site, please consult your card-issuing bank for information.