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Set: Handbook, Fountain Pen, Ink *2, Paper Tape

Materials: Specialty Paper Laminated with Grey Board, Specialty Paper Printing, EVA, Brass, Wooden Barrel

The design inspiration of this handbook comes from the handed-down scroll of “A Thousand-Mile-Long Landscape” painted by Wang Ximeng, a painter from the Northern Song Dynasty. The painting depicts rolling and continuous peaks, vast rivers with misty waves, and a magnificent and magnificent scenery. High cliffs and flying waterfalls dot the mountains, with secluded paths leading to hidden places, and houses dotted among them. Green willows, red flowers, tall pines, and slender bamboo create a scenic beauty. This scroll, with concise and refined techniques, gorgeous colors, and delicate strokes, manifests the grandeur of our motherland’s rivers and mountains. It has always been regarded as a masterpiece and outstanding work in the green and blue landscapes of the Song Dynasty.