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1.packaging Measurement:5″x3.5″


Material: Brass, Metal

2. Notice: Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to The actual item for accuracy.

The design inspiration comes from The Scroll of Monthly Royal Leisure Activities during The Yongzheng Period saved in The Forbidden City. Observing Lanterns in the First Lunar Month is one of The most enjoy activity at that time, The palace lanterns, which represent auspiciousness. People associate The word lantern with prosperity,  enduing it with The meaning of abundant harvest of The five grains. With colorful decorations and lanterns, palace lanterns convey The joy of festivals and beautiful wishes for national prosperity and good fortune. Over time, These palace lanterns have transformed into a symbol of traditional Chinese culture. Crafting These palace lanterns into metal bookmarks allows for both exquisite beauty and a sense of The continuous heritage of traditional culture in contemporary life.


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