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A5 Size: 5.59″ x 8.27″ x 0.20″

B5 Size: 7.28″ x 10.24″ x 0.20″

Paper: 96 Pages

Binding: Glue Binding

Cover Material: 240g Cover Paper

Inner Pages: 80g Writing Paper

Inner Page Pattern: Horizontal Lines

The creative inspiration of the flower and fruit pattern style comes from the Ming Hongzhi yellow-glazed blue-and-white dish decorated with folded branches, flowers, and fruits. The delicate yellow glaze of this dish is a paragon among the yellow-glazed porcelain of the Ming Hongzhi period. The dish is coated with delicate yellow glaze, which contrasts interestingly with the dark blue-and-white patterns. Inside, there is a painted paper-folded gardenia, and the inner wall is decorated with patterns of pomegranates, persimmons, grapes, and lotus seeds. The outer wall is adorned with a wreath of intertwined branches and flowers, making it an exquisite and superb piece of porcelain.

The inspiration for the colorful butterfly pattern style comes from the Qing Kangxi five-color butterfly-patterned vase. Kangxi five-color porcelain is a renowned variety of colored porcelain in the Qing Dynasty. The Kangxi five-color butterfly-patterned vase depicts popular and beloved scenes with colorful hues and delicate brushwork. Each butterfly has a unique pose and color application, combining underglaze blue with overglaze red, yellow, blue, brown, black, purple, green, and other colors to create a colorful and dazzling picture.


Colorful Butterfly Patterns A5, Colorful Butterfly Patterns B5, Flower and Fruit Patterns A5, Flower and Fruit Patterns B5