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The design inspiration comes from The architectural images of The Three Great Halls in The Forbidden City: The Hall of Supreme Harmony, The Hall of Central Harmony, and The Hall of Preserving Harmony. The product design is very ingenious, hiding The Three Great Halls between The pages. As The pages are used up and torn away one by one, The three palaces gradually appear, vividly bringing to life The layered beauty of The Forbidden City’s architecture. The notebook is made with high-quality virgin wood pulp art paper, facilitating writing while combining both functionality and aesthetics.

Journal measurement:4.7″x3.1″

Pages: 60.

2. This notebook cover made with laser engraving technology, giving a 3d presentation of The majestic feel of The Forbidden City. The 3d three main halls of The Forbidden City gradually reveal Themselves during daily use. The notebook’s paper is exquisite, offering smooth writing and easy portability, making it also an excellent gift choice.

3. Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to The actual item for accuracy.


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