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Pack Size:3.7″x3.7″

Pages: Wu Ji Shen Shou*145; Yu Yuan Jia Jing*150

The design inspiration of Wu Ji Shen Shou comes from the ridges of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City. The ridge beast is a common decorative and leak-proof element at the top of palaces, with a dynamic shape. This product hides images of auspicious immortals and ridge beasts in the notepad, and as the paper is used, the image of the ridge beast gradually emerges, creating a delightful surprise. Made using laser-cutting technology, this product is beautiful, practical, and full of fun.

The design inspiration of Yu Yuan Jia Jing comes from the Wanchun Pavilion in the Forbidden City, which is located in the Imperial Garden and was built during the Ming Jiajing period. The product hides the image of the pavilion within the notepad, and with the use of paper, the colorful and exquisite Wanchun Pavilion gradually appears, full of fun and creativity. This product is made using laser cutting and engraving technology, beautiful, practical and extremely interesting.

Weight 2 kg

Wu Ji Shen Shou, Yu Yuan Jia Jing