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Material: Brass.

2. This bookmark collect classic elements of Chinese aesthetics, basing on The famous Chinese painting Qing Ming Shang He Tu. It is paired with a Chinese knot and a smooth tassel. The hollow-out patterns are inspired by The Triple-Purlin Six-Rafter Diamond Paned Windows of The Hall of Supreme Harmony in The Forbidden City. The design is exquisite, fully displaying The beauty of Chinese style.

3. Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to The actual item for accuracy.

Qing Ming Shang He Tu, Along The River During The Qingming Festival, Painted by Zhang Zeduan during The Song Dynasty, this painting is a detailed and lively depiction of both rural and urban life in China around The time of The Qingming Festival. The scroll captures The bustling atmosphere of The festival, from The throngs of people visiting The markets to The variety of boats sailing on The river. It provides a snapshot of life in ancient China, including The architecture, clothing, and activities of people from all walks of life—from peasants and laborers to merchants and nobles. This painting is often cited for its historical and cultural significance, as it offers a glimpse into The society and technology of Song Dynasty China.

Qian Li Jiang Shan Tu , Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains , This painting is a masterpiece of landscape painting in traditional Chinese art. Often attributed to The Song Dynasty artist Wang Ximeng, who was only 18 years old when he completed The work, this expansive scroll depicts a panoramic view of rivers, mountains, forests, and villages. The painting showcases The Chinese philosophy of unity between man and nature, employing intricate brushwork and nuanced colors to convey The grandeur of The natural world. It is renowned for The level of detail in its representation of The diverse geographical features of China, as well as for The technical skill required to create such a complex and expansive scene.


Qian Li Jiang Shan Tu, Qing Ming Shang He Tu


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