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Measurement: 9″x6.7″

The set includes: Neutral Pen Set: 4 pens

Architectural Painted Mini Exercise Books: 4

Three Great Halls Eraser Set: 3 pieces

Pencil Fortune Tube: 1 tube (24 pencils)

Forbidden City Auspicious Beast Pen Pouch: 1

Dragon Shape Ruler: 1

Wen Yuan Bao Ge: It refers to a famous library and study hall located in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Wenyuan Pavilion was originally built during the Ming Dynasty and was used as a place for emperors to study and store precious books and manuscripts.

The design inspiration for this gift set comes from the Shenwu Gate of the Forbidden City. The Shenwu Gate is the northern gate of the Forbidden City and serves as an important access point for daily entry and exit. The famous painting “Forbidden City Museum” is hung here.

Weight 2 kg


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