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Measurement length: 12.6″x9.4″

Xiangkai Wan xiang: is a Chinese phrase that means “Prosperity opens up infinite possibilities” or “Good fortune brings forth boundless opportunities.” It conveys the idea of auspiciousness and prosperity leading to limitless opportunities and possibilities. It suggests that when one is blessed with good fortune, they can achieve great success and explore endless potential.

Year of the Dragon: In the Chinese zodiac, each year is associated with one of the twelve animals, and the dragon is one of them. The Year of the Dragon is considered to be a powerful and auspicious year, symbolizing strength, prosperity, and good fortune.

The design inspiration for this gift set comes from the collection of the Palace Museum, including elements such as the bright yellow satin embroidered cloud and dragon robe, the purple sandalwood throne inlaid with shell and enamel dragon patterns, as well as auspicious elements like the cloisonné mirror with double phoenix patterns and the silk embroidered New Year’s morning scene. The set includes spring couplets, blessing scrolls, window decorations, hanging ornaments, red envelopes, fridge magnets, and a notepad set. The packaging is in the form of a deluxe book box, with a printed timeline of celebrations in the Forbidden City, incorporating rich cultural content into the festive atmosphere.

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