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The design inspiration for the Building Blocks Carved Lacquer Pavilion-Style Storage Box comes from the Qing Dynasty red-carved pavilion-style grid housed in the Palace Museum. This cultural relic combines traditional pavilion-style architecture with furniture grid design, exuding elegance and grandeur. The product uses high-quality plastic building blocks as units, delicately recreating the beauty of the cultural relic’s details. It can be placed on a desk, showcasing an artistic and literary style. It also provides a fine storage space with a double-opening door design, adding a touch of fun and playfulness.


Material: ABS


2.Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to The actual item for accuracy.

3.Special Notice:
.This product must be used under direct adult supervision;
.This product contains small parts. Do not ingest to avoid The risk of choking. Suitable only for people aged 14 and above;
.There are instructions included for parents, which must be read carefully;
.The packaging and assembly instructions contain important product information; please keep Them for reference.


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