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Sun-mortise Packaging Box: 8.66″ x 10.51″ x 8.66″

Dragon-shaped Jade Stamp *1: 2.76″ x 4.09″ x 5.51″

Stamp Red Envelope *5: 3.54″ x 6.69″

Gold-hot Stamped Red Envelope *5: 3.54″ x 6.69″

Couplet Set *1: 6.69″ x 37.4″: 10.63″ x 10.63″

Tooth-shaped Pendant Incense Holder *2: 4.37″ x 2.76″

Ink Pad *1: 3.94″ x 6.3″

The design inspiration for the Golden Dragon Auspicious Spring Gift Box comes from the “Golden Interlocking Dragon Button, a Treasure from Heaven” housed in the Palace Museum. The gift box includes various selected items such as couplets, red envelopes, and blessings, expressing celebration and good wishes. It allows you to experience the rich traditional Chinese ceremonial atmosphere during the Chinese New Year.

Weight 2 kg


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