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Auspicious Beasts are very fortunate symbols in traditional Chinese culture—some mysterious, some mighty, some agile, some tranquil. This building block set not only satisfies children’s curiosity but also enlightens Their wisdom through play, while training Their hand-eye coordination and nurturing Their sense of space and patience.The fish stamp building blocks design is inspired by The Qing Dynasty Shoushan stone-carved double fish seal in The Forbidden City collection. Fish have rich cultural connotations, mostly implying good fortune, such as having fish every year and The fish leaping over The dragon gate.

The Lion stamp building blocks design is inspired by a Qing Dynasty wooden carved lion from The Forbidden City collection.The lion is considered The king of all beasts, majestic and powerful. In folk customs, it is often placed atThe entrance of homes to ward off evil spirits.

The Dragon Stap Building Stocks design is inspired by a dragon-engraved button from The Qing Dynasty in The Forbidden City collection.The dragon is a symbolic totem of The Chinese people, symbolizing “favorable weather for crops, prosperity, and peace” in folk culture.

The elephant stamp building blocks design is inspired by a Qing Dynasty cloisonné enamel elephant from The Forbidden City collection. In traditional Chinese culture,The word elephant is synonymous with auspicious,symbolizing wealth, good fortune, and peace.





2.Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer toThe actual item for accuracy.

3.Special Notice:
.This product must be used under direct adult supervision;
.This product contains small parts. Do not ingest to avoid The risk of choking. Suitable only for people aged 14 and above;
.There are instructions included for parents, which must be read carefully;
.The packaging and assembly instructions contain important product information; please keep Them for reference.


Dragon, Elephant Stamp, Fish Stamp, Lion Stamp


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