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Size: 14.57″ × 11.81″ × 5.12″

Material: Polyester, Suede cloth, Pearl cotton

Weight: 21.16lbs

Notice:Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer toThe actual item for accuracy.

The inspiration for the design pattern comes from the Flower and Plant Illustrated Book by Fan Tingzhen from the Qing Dynasty. Fan Tingzhen was one of the representatives of boneless bird and flower painting in the Qing Dynasty and a direct disciple of the famous artist Yun Shouping. The peonies he painted incorporated elegance and harmony into his brushwork, exuding a sense of richness, elegance, peace, and freshness. The beautiful wish of “lush flowers like a woven brocade” has been presented through modern visual language and materials, reviving its brand-new artistic charm.


Green, Red