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Size: 7.8″x2.1″x2.1″

Materail: 600D Oxford cloth

Storage: Hold more 30pcs 7mm pencils

Notice:Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer toThe actual item for accuracy.

China’s auspicious Creatures refer toThe auspicious animals in ancient legends.They predominantly appear in ancient literature, art, and architecture, symbolizing people’s beautiful wishes and aspirations for prosperity and tranquility.The Qilin is an auspicious beast in traditional Chinese culture. Ancient people believed that whereverThe Qilin appeared,There would be prosperity and good omens. Sometimes it is also used metaphorically to describe individuals who are exceptionally talented and possess both virtue and ability.

Since ancient times, elephants have been regarded as auspicious due toTheir great strength and power, gentle temperament, and dignified demeanor. In traditional Chinese culture,The word for elephant is a homophone forThe word auspicious, henceThe elephant is endowed with even more auspicious meanings.

Turtle is a legendary auspicious creature with divine powers in ancient Chinese myths. One legend says that whenThe goddess Nüwa was mendingThe sky with colorful stones, she cut offThe legs of turtle to supportThe four corners ofThe earth. Another legend suggests that withinThe East Sea, turtle carries three mystical mountains on its back: Penglai, Fangzhang, and Yingzhou. Yet another story asserts that Turtle is one ofThe nine sons ofThe dragon, possessing exceptional might and power.



Blue, Elephant, Purple, Qilin, Turtle


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