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Set A: Schoolbag*1
Beast Handbag (Random)*1
Pencil Case (HB)*1
3D Bookmark Ruler (Random)*1
Hai Cuo Tu B5 Practice Notebook (Random)*5
Golden Exam Success Qilin Lucky Ballpoint Pen (Random)*2
Central Axis Ruler – Red Edition*1
Hai Cuo Tu Eraser Set*1
Beast Folder (Random)*2
Forbidden City Architectural Coloring A5 Practice Notebook (Random)*4
Elegant Handheld Packaging Carton*1

“Zi Jin Wen Yuan” is an expression that combines the words “Forbidden City” and “Wen Yuan” (indicating a profound cultural and intellectual significance). The phrase suggests a collection or set of study materials or learning tools that are inspired by the cultural richness and historical grandeur of the Forbidden City, emphasizing its literary and educational value. It could refer to a series of books, notebooks, pens, or other related items designed for learning and promoting an appreciation of Chinese culture and history.


Set A, Set B