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The design inspiration of the Mini Practice Notebook Series of the Auspicious Beasts of the Forbidden City comes from the images of various auspicious beasts such as the unicorn, the elephant, the deer, the crane, and the turtle from different parts of the Forbidden City.

The Unicorn (Qilin): The unicorn is a mythical creature deeply rooted in Chinese culture, symbolizing good fortune, auspiciousness, and protection. In the Forbidden City, the unicorn is often depicted with a dragon-like body, a horn on its forehead, and a fierce yet graceful appearance. It is often seen as a guardian, protecting the imperial palace and its occupants from harm.

The Elephant (Baoxiang): The elephant, another auspicious beast in Chinese culture, represents stability, strength, and wisdom. In the Forbidden City, elephants are often depicted in statuary or painted artworks, often seen carrying a vase or other precious items, symbolizing the carrying of good fortune and prosperity. The elephant’s large size and gentle demeanor also contribute to its association with stability and peace.

The Deer (Linglu): The deer, with its graceful antlers and gentle nature, is a symbol of longevity, purity, and harmony. In the Forbidden City, deer are often depicted in paintings or carvings, symbolizing the emperor’s wish for a long and prosperous reign. The deer’s association with harmony also reflects the emperor’s aspiration for a peaceful and orderly kingdom.

The Crane (Xianhe): The crane, with its elegant posture and long lifespan, is a symbol of elegance, longevity, and good fortune. In the Forbidden City, cranes are often depicted flying gracefully or standing proudly, representing the emperor’s aspiration for a long and illustrious reign. The crane’s association with elegance also reflects the imperial court’s pursuit of refinement and culture.

The Turtle (Shen’ao): The turtle, with its hard shell and slow but steady gait, is a symbol of stability, endurance, and wisdom. In the Forbidden City, the turtle is often associated with the divine, as it is believed to carry the secrets of the universe on its shell. The turtle’s association with wisdom and stability reflects the emperor’s aspiration for a wise and stable government.

Each of these auspicious beasts plays a significant role in the cultural and historical legacy of the Forbidden City, adding depth and symbolism to this ancient imperial palace.


A SET, The Crane, The Deer, The Elephant, The Turtle, The Unicorn