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The design inspiration comes from four famous paintings in the collection of the Forbidden City: Song Dynasty’s “Begonia Butterfly”, Ming Dynasty’s “Lotus Mandarin Duck”, Song Dynasty’s “Ripe Fruits and Poultry” and Song Dynasty’s “Plum Blossom Embroidered Eyes”. These four paintings will be used as the main visual elements to present and express the beauty of the four seasons, showcasing the vibrant colors and blooming flower.

Begonia Butterfly

Lotus Mandarin Duck

Ripe Fruits and Poultry

Plum Blossom Embroidered Eyes

1.Made from fine copper material, featuring hollowed-out carving patterns, the piece is colored using faux cloisonné techniques,Then baked, polished, and electroplated.The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the colors are vibrant.

2.The Spring wind gently blows,bring the blossom begonias and flying butterflies,  with this bookmark bring you the essence of spring when reading.

3.packaging Measurement:3.5″x3.5″


Begonia Butterfly, Lotus Mandarin Duck, Plum Blossom Embroidered Eye, Ripe Fruit and Birds


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