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Set:6pcs, package size:5.7″x5.7″


Notice: Not suitable for children under three years old, beware of swallowing by children

The design inspiration forThe Hai Cuo Tu eraser set comes fromThe adorable images of The hidden cow, seal fish, cheek-scraping fish, yellow-red fish, and plum blossom shark depicted inThe Forbidden City stored book Hai Cuo Tu. Cuo means diverse and mixed, not a vast amount of mistakes.Hai Cuo Tu is a series of peculiar marine creature illustrations drawn by Nie Huang, a cartoonist and biology enthusiast fromThe early Qing Dynasty. Originally, it was brought intoThe palace by Su Peisheng,The chief eunuch of Emperor Yongzheng. Unfortunately,The fourth prince was preoccupied with state affairs, and this fancy peculiar book was left dormant. It was not untilThe reign of Emperor Qianlong thatThe status of Hai Cuo Tu was significantly elevated. Emperor Qianlong’s commentary reads: This style is too cute; I want to keep it by my pillow and read it carefully every night! This illustratesThe enchanting nature ofThe book. It is said that objects imbued with elements from Hai Cuo Tu haveThe effect of being endearingly cute and incredibly lucky.


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