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Package size: 10.43″ x 13.23″ x 1.57″

Product size: 10.24″ x 13.15″ x 1.38″

Product net weight: 37.93 ounces

Notice:Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to the actual item for accuracy.

“Fu” refers to happiness and good fortune, while “Lu” typically refers to official positions and salaries, but in this context, it can be broadly understood as success and wealth. “Mianchang” means continuous and lasting. The idiom “Fu Lu Mian Chang” embodies people’s aspiration and wish for a better life. It is often used in greetings during festivals, celebrations, or important occasions to express good wishes and expectations for others.

The design inspiration comes from the Qing Dynasty enamel flower and bird picture deer-ear jar in the Palace Museum. The product extracts the deer-ear shape as the theme element, implying the good wishes of “Fulu Mianchang” and success in career. Integrated with contemporary aesthetics, it presents a fresh and agile visual effect. The file folder is equipped with an 8000mAh charging module, which can be used to charge the phone with wired or wireless charging. It also has a flip book and multiple partitioned storage designs, making it very convenient for office workers.


Black, Grey, Pink