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Pen Size: 5.41″x 0.40″

Packaging Size: 6.42″ x 0.87″ x 0.87 ″

Nib Specification: 0.5mm

Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy + ABS Plastic

The design inspiration of the Jin Bang Ti Ming Qilin Ballpoint Pen comes from the image of the unicorn (Qilin) depicted in the “Blue Silk Embroidered Qilin Tapestry Hanging Screen of the Qing Dynasty” collected in the Forbidden City. The unicorn is one of the four mythical creatures and is renowned for its high moral character, never harming flowers, trees, insects, or grasses. Objects adorned with the unicorn often carry the auspicious meanings of “passing the imperial examination with honors” and “becoming the top scholar.”

The phrase “Jin Bang Ti Ming” originates from ancient China and refers to achieving honors and success in the imperial examination, a system through which officials were selected during the feudal era. Passing the examination meant that one’s name would be inscribed on a golden honor roll, symbolizing great achievement and recognition. In modern context, the phrase is often used metaphorically to describe achieving outstanding results or significant accomplishments in important exams, competitions, or endeavors. It carries the meaning of triumph, success, and being among the top performers.


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