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Size: Hebao: 5.5″x4.3″

backpack: 18″x11″

Material:Polyester cloth


Suggestion: Hand washing

for holding coins or other small items.its name is derived from its shape resembling a lotus leaf andThe ancient practice of people wearing it aroundTheir waist, akin to how a lotus leaf holds a bud or fruit.The traditional hebao is typically semi-circular or oval, made primarily from silk, cotton, or other fine fabrics.Many hebaos are adorned with exquisite hand embroidery,the one displaying a variety of patterns such as vase and ears of wheat homonymic safety,ruyi and persimmon homonymic everything goes well to you. On specific occasions, like weddings or festivals,The hebao is often regarded as an auspicious item. EspeciallyThe red ones are frequently used for giving red envelopes (containing money) to newlyweds or children, symbolizing good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. In essence,The hebao is not just a practical pouch but also a representation of Chinese traditional culture and art. It perfectly melds tradition with modernity and functionality with artistry.


Blue, Purple, Red


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