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1. Measurement: 6.5″x4.7″x1.2″

Weight: 1.1lbs

Rechargeble USB port.

2. When The book lamp is closed, it is compact and exquisite, resembling a beautifully covered book without occupying extra space. When opened, it becomes a fun and functional book lamp, displaying adorable marine animals swimming freely.

3..The warm yellow light is not glaring and adds an elegant atmosphere and The lamp made from high-quality artistic paper that is environmentally friendly and recyclable.4.Product dimensions are measured manually and may have slight errors. Please refer to The actual item for accuracy.

The night light design inspiration comes from Hai Cuo Tu Marine Error Map in The collection of The Palace Museum, created by Qing Dynasty artist Nie Huang. Hai Cuo Tu depicts various majestic or endearing marine creatures, cute and vivid. In The fourth year of Emperor Yongzheng’s reign, it was included in The royal library and was highly favored by emperors like Qianlong and Jiaqing. Emperor Qianlong even stamped seals on The front page with with his own stamps.


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