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Gift Box Set Measurement:11.22″ x 1.89″ x 8.78″

Scrapbook Measurement: 7.28″ x 4.92″

Page: 200

Gilded Paper Tap*2:  0.98″ x 118.11″

Enamel-like Metal Badge*1

Linghua Ballpoint Pen*1

Delicate Gift Bag*1

The inspiration of the Colorful Flower Scrapbook comes from the Painting of Birds and Flowers Scroll by Giuseppe Castiglione, which is collected by the Palace Museum. This painting features delicate brushwork and vibrant colors, with the seal of “Appreciated by Qianlong” on the scroll, symbolizing prosperity and harmony. The designer carefully extracted the festive bird and flower elements from this painting, integrated them into the design of the gift box, and paired them with the elegant and cozy traditional Chinese color of lotus leaf purple, creating a festive atmosphere suitable for the holiday.