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Measurement: 8.27″x5.59″

Material: PU

The inspiration for these notebooks come from the Taihedian, commonly known as the Golden Luan Hall. The ten ridge tiles on its roof are adorned with majestic animals, which are considered auspicious guardians of the Forbidden City. Among the ten ridge tiles, three notebooks are designed with images of three ancient mythical beasts: the Xiezhi, Xiaoyu, and Douniu, all of which symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Douniu is a divine beast from the heavens, symbolizing the ability to bring clouds and rain, as well as extinguish fires and protect dwellings.

Xiaoyu is a mystical beast from the waters, symbolizing the control of water and rain, as well as the prevention of fires and disasters.

Xiezhi is a beast that can discern right and wrong, recognize loyalty and treason, and is a symbol of “peace, fairness, and justice”.


Blue, Red, Yellow