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Big Red Envelop Size: 9.1″x4.7″

Small Red Envelop Size: 6.7″x3.5″

Red envelopes, also known as “hongbao” in Chinese, are traditional gifts given during special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, weddings, and birthdays. These envelopes are typically red in color and contain money or other valuable items. Overall, red envelopes hold great cultural significance in Chinese traditions and are a meaningful way to convey good wishes and blessings during special occasions.

The design inspiration is derived from the Nine Dragon Screen in the Ning Shou Palace area of the Forbidden City, as well as other treasures such as the gold-embedded jade Ruyi. The product incorporates elements from the dragons and auspicious cloud patterns found on the Nine Dragon Screen, and is made using techniques such as embossing, gold stamping, and paper carving.

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